Backups, Backups and Backups

Ask someone to name something scary, and chances are you’ll hear about fears of spiders, snakes, or creepy clowns. But in today’s society, with cybercrime on the rise, you’ll probably also find “loss of computer data” on that list of fears. We’ve become so reliant on our computers, cell phones, and data that even temporary loss of access can create instant anxiety and even panic.

A complete loss of business critical files and services is actually downright terrifying.  Here are a few of cringe-worthy backup/recovery stories and some strategies to avoid a nightmare recovery story of your own.

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Onsite or Remote Support

We have certified engineers and a responsive service desk team to assist you in any area you need it. We’re constantly improving the effectiveness and the productivity of your team so your business can run effectively.

Backup and Recovery

If your business lost all its data how long can you afford to be down? A backup and recovery solution is critical for every business – hardware failure, encryption via ransomware, or human error can happen at any time. A simple solution could save you from losing data, clients, reputation, time and even profit.


WiFi is now a critical investment in every modern business. Businesses need a fast, secure and reliable WiFi solution and signal to optimise productivity. Reduce drop-outs, supersede slow connections and maintain security as a priority , so you know no-one is accessing the network from outside the physical office boundaries.

Structured Cabling

Running network cabling and Communication Rack installation. Centralise your network in one location with a neat cabling solution from Trimtech.


Whether its a one page website or an online store Trimtech can provide a solution for your business.We use the latest in search engine optimisation and analytics to make sure customers see your site and you know who what, when, where and why.


It’s vital that your information technology systems run reliably and cost-effectively, but this can be difficult to maintain with the fast pace of IT. Instead of pulling resources off their usual tasks to fix new problems, using a managed service provider could be the answer. Our team can be your eyes, ears and even feet on the ground to oversee the reliable running of your IT system


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